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This Wikia is about the Destroyer book series, created by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.

The Masters of SinanjuEdit

A listing of the order of succession for the Masters of Sinanju, for those Master's who's place in History has been specifically cited. Gaps in the succession have been marked as <GAP>.

1. The First Master, who’s name is lost, and who was once hired by the lost island nation of Mu (before it sank into the ocean). Estimated to have been Master around 3000 B.C.

2. Master Kim, the second Master of Sinanju

3. Master Manko, the third Master of Sinanju


7. Master Bamboo, the seventh Master of Sinanju, known for having caught fish with his hat to feed the village.


Master Mangko


Master Hung, teacher of Wang the Great

Master Wang the Great


Master Salbyol the Indolent- the last Master to see Comet Hale Bopp, possibly around 2332-2283 B.C. 


Master Wi, possibly around 1332-1323 B.C.

Master Toksa- who killed Tutankhamun for nonpayment in 1323 B.C.


Master Na-Kup- who brought camels to Sinanju around 1000 B.C.


Master Noo- from the era of 600 B.C.

Master Wang (The Lesser)- from the era of 600 B.C.

Master Lom- known for having accidentally strangled himself with his own necklace in front of Nebuchadrezzar, sometime between 605-562 B.C..

Master Vimu

Master Songjong, son of Vimu, who worked for Nebuchadrezzar at the Fall of Jerusalem, 587 B.C.

Master Ti-Sung- who worked for Cyrus the Great around 550 B.C.

Master Lik- who worked for Themistocles sometime between 524-459 B.C.


Master Tang the Dullard, from around 400 B.C.


Master Hupka- who invented the wheel for Mesopotamia to transport tribute to Sinanju sometime prior to 332 B.C.

Master Ding- who worked for an Emir during the time of Alexander the Great sometime between 356-323 B.C.


Master Wang II (the Lesser)-  the father of Master Pak, and the third Master to bear the name Wang.

Master Pak- hired by Prince Wo to remove the Prince’s brother sometime around 15 B.C., later met Jesus, and also first to encounter Chinese Vampires. Son of Wang the Lesser.


Master Can Wi- who discovered the American continent during the reign of the Mayans, most likely from 250 to 900 A.D.


Master Bal-Mung- hired on his Fruitless Quest in 500 A.D.


Master Cung- who worked for the Sui Dynsasty of China, sometime between 581-618 AD

Master Wu- protected the roads of Rome around 600 A.D.

Master Sam- who was hired by Emperor Tenchi of Japan in 645 A.D.


Master We- who worked for the Tang Dynasty around 850 A.D.


Master Gi, the Minor- who convinced Kublai Khan to use assassins. sometime between 1215-1294 A.D. (1264AD ?)

Master Boo- who also worked for Kublai Khan to defeat an enemy who used elephants

Master Hun Tup- who traveled with Marco Polo to China in 1269-1275 A.D. ?

Master Suo-Lok- who worked for an Egyptian Family, the Mamelukes, 1290 AD


Wang the Lesser (II)- worked for Emperor Zhu Di in 1420 AD

87. Master Lee-Piy assassinated Pope Calixtus III for Spain in 1458 A.D.

88. Master Foo- who was hired to kill Vlad the Impaler in 1476 A.D.

89. Master Ko Wat- who traveled with Columbus sometime around 1492 A.D.

Trained the House of Wissex in Sinanju in 1510, as Wang the Lesser (III)?

 90. Master Nonga- sone of Ko-Wat, father of Kojing and Kojong. Died in 1532.

Trained the House of Wissex in Sinanju in 1510, as Wang the Lesser (III)?91. Master Kojing- sone of Nonga. Became Master in 1532.

92. ?

93. Master To-Un- awarded the Roanoke Colony as payment for services in 1588.

94. Master Sambari/Sambria- Master in 1612, during time of the Ayutthaya Kingdom of Siam. Thamma, the King, reneged on a contract with Sambari and sent zombie warriors against him.

Sambari reigned at least until 1658, as he is known to have worked for  the Maghul Emperor Aurangzeb (1618-1707 A.D., reigned 1658-1707)

95. Master Shang-Tu- Son of Master Sambari. Killed Captain Kidd in 1701. Worked for Ayutthaya Kingdom of Siam (1351–1767) at some point in his life.

96. Master __________Master Shang-Tu’s son/Go’s father, Master in early 1700s

97. Master Go? grandfather of Master Ik, grandson, worked for Spanish King prior to 1808. Master in mid to late 1700s

98. Master _________, father of Ik, son of Go, Master in late 1700s/Early 1800s.

99. Master Ik- Reigning Master in 1836, during The Alamo. Father of Master Hwa.

100. Master Hwa- who changed his name from Yui to Hwa when he became Master, then changed it again to H'Si T'ang when he retired. Discovered America in 1866.

101. Master Nuihc- son of Master Hwa, and father of Master Chiun. Born in the mid 1800s. Banished from Sinanju in 1931.

102. Master Chiun- born 1891, as Nuihc, and who became Master in 1931. His son, Song, died attempting to climb Mt. Paekustan some time in first half of 1900s.

103. Master Remo- born in 1937, a direct descendant of Master Nonja.

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